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Android app development services since the day it was launched. We have achieved expertise in offering professional Android app development services based on your specific needs. Our Android developers and Android and IOS programmers are madly in love with the Android and IOS OS and are well-aware of all the ins and outs associated with its custom Android app development.

Mobile application development technology

The properly selected architecture will save your time, effort, and finances. There are two main approaches to creating a mobile application: native and cross-platform ones. The third one — progressive approach — is also developing now.

Native development means the creation of separate applications for each mobile platform. That is, you need to develop an application for iOS and another one for Android. Then the applications will be uploaded to the particular platform stores. These are the advantages of native apps:

  • Advanced design options.
  • Support for all smartphone features, including in-app purchases, access to location services or a camera, push notifications, and priority updates
  • Fast, responsive, and reliable interface.

Most popular applications, such as Twitter, Waze, and Pokemon Go, are a clear example of a native approach.

Cross-platform development of mobile applications is the creation of a common code base for two platforms, with further translation of the code on each OS via an intermediate layer. These are the advantages of cross-platform apps:

  • A single code base and correct operation on all platforms, which allows us to simplify the logic and avoid possible errors.
  • Reducing the price and time of writing the code if you do not need to ensure a fit for each platform. The logic will be simple, and the user interface will remain minimalistic.

A progressive web application (PWA) brings together the best qualities of a mobile website and a native app. These are the advantages of progressive web applications:

  • No need for an intermediary (a store).
  • Development costs are lower than when using classical approaches.

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